fiberglass and gel coat repair services

fiberglass and gel coat repair services

Mobile marine fiberglass and gel coat repair services are crucial for maintaining the appearance and structural integrity of boats. Whether you have a small ding or a more significant hull damage, these services can help restore your boat to its former glory.

Conduct thorough inspections to identify hidden damage and provide accurate repair recommendations and provide cost estimates.

Services we offer:

Fiberglass & Gel Coat Repairs:
Fix chips, cracks, and scratches in the gel coat to restore the boat’s smooth and glossy finish.

Structural Fiberglass Repair:
Repair and reinforce damaged fiberglass hulls or other structural components.
Fiberglass Patching: Apply fiberglass patches to holes or weakened areas in the hull.
Fiberglass Resin Application: Apply fiberglass resin to reinforce and repair areas with extensive damage.

Gel Coat Restoration:
Color Matching: Ensure that the repaired gel coat matches the boat’s original color.
Polishing and Buffing: Bring back the shine and smoothness of the gel coat by polishing and buffing.
UV Protection: Apply UV-resistant coatings to prevent future gel coat damage.Hull Damage Repair:

Collision Repair:
Address damage caused by collisions with debris, other boats, or docks.
Keel and Rudder Repair: Fix damage to keels and rudders, which are critical for boat stability and control.

Transom Repair:
Replace a damaged or rotted transom with a new one made from marine-grade materials.
Transom Reinforcement: Strengthen the transom for added durability and safety.

Deck Delamination Repair:
Address delamination issues in the boat’s deck, which can cause weakness and water intrusion.
Cabin Roof Repair:
Fix cracks, leaks, or structural damage to the cabin roof.

Emergency Repairs:
We offer emergency repair services for urgent situations such as hull breaches, or major structural damage.

Maintenance Services:
Provide routine maintenance services, such as cleaning, waxing, and minor gel coat touch-ups, to keep boats in top condition.

On-Site and Mobile Services:
We offer the convenience of mobile repair services, where we can travel to your location to perform the repairs.

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