1973 Boston Whaler 13' Total Restoration

“Fort Lauderdale Mobile Fiberglass Boat Repair Company”

We took this very old and beat-up 1973 Boston Whaler that was on its last legs and brought it back to being a beautiful boat once again.

The hull of the boat was damaged on the bottom, sides, and inside. Old fiberglass patches were delaminating, spider cracks were everywhere on the inside of the boat. In addition, there were tons of old patch jobs everywhere.  It was a giant mess but we were able to put a lot of hard work into it and turn it into the beautiful boat it was 50 years ago.

The African mahogany seats and teak trim had not been maintained, resurfaced, or varnished for years and we brought it back to its original luster. What a difference a good sanding and a few coats of varnish make.

In addition, all the lights and switches were broken, wires were frayed and rusted and not working so we had to rewire the entire boat. We put in new front navigation lights and a stern light. All of the switches on the dash were shot so we replaced them with new waterproof rocker switches. The original rub rail was completely falling apart and literally falling off the boat, we ended up having to replace the entire thing and as you can see in the photos it makes the boat look a1000 times better. Then we added a new Bimini Top and had to reinforce all of the holes in the fiberglass to make sure it did not blow away in the wind.

After doing all the gel coat repair work on the inside and outside, we put a new beige-colored two-part paint on the inside and changed the outside color from white to a new sea foam green paint. When she was done it was one of the prettiest Boston Whalers on the water.

1980 Catalina 30 Sailboat Total Restoration

“Fort Lauderdale Mobile Fiberglass Boat Repair Company”

This sailboat had not been maintained in a very, very long time. The exterior needed a lot of repairs including taking the original painted-on name “Tactical” off the sides and the back of the boat. and we were able to sand down and remove a name on the side of the boat. That was probably 25 or 30 years old layers and layers of paint had to be removed and brought it back just to clean white on both sides.

Wood Re Finishing, we were able to sand and re-varnish every inch of Teak wood in the cockpit area of the boat and bring it back to its former life. It is amazing how trim work can make a huge difference in the overall look of a boat.

The boat had cracks and chips all over the fiberglass on the boats and we were able to repair all of them.  There were 3 huge scratches that went deep into the fiberglass on the side of the boat it looked like a giant bear gauged the gel coat.

The keel had the standard Catalina smile, this is basically where the steel keel meets the fiberglass hull it can separate causing a leak and an ugly mess. We used a lot of West Systems epoxy to encapsulate the steel Keel and make it watertight. When we’re all done we put a fresh coat of bottom paint on to make it look as pretty as it was when it was brand new.

On the interior, we laid down teak and holly vinyl interior flooring, which made the inside of the boat really come to life

Regal Sidewall Fix

“Fort Lauderdale Mobile Fiberglass Boat Repair Company”

A client had a boat smash into his side walls and cracked the Fiberglass in two places. We were able to make it look like it was brand new after a lot of work.